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Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Is it important to have love in life?

The principle of love, or more specifically, loving others as oneself, is known to all, yet there is a lot of confusion surrounding it.

There is a general agreement among most people that there needs to be love among people, yet we see that some people are willing to eliminate large portions of humanity in the name of love. It is even more surprising how vaguely this principle is reflected in different religions.

As a result, we are not very concerned about loving each other in actual fact. We are raised through a multitude of influences that completely neglect the question of how we can reach true love among people.

Therefore, the question here is correct, and we should definitely stop and pay attention to it: Is it important to have love in life? Is love really that important?

Perhaps it is enough to teach children morals and have a general atmosphere of respect among adults? Or should love of others nevertheless be life’s goal, which we strive to reach at every moment, and which we are concerned about reaching every person and everyone together equally? Maybe if we set love of other people, all people equally, as our goal, and tried to reach that goal in the fastest possible way, then we could spare a lot of suffering in humanity, and moreover, experience lives of much greater fulfillment and happiness?

Therefore, this is an extremely important question. If we discuss the meaning of life, the purpose for which we entered our world, then why do we neglect this principle so much?

In essence, we are extremely far from understanding the fact that this principle is the universal law of the universe and of nature. All other laws that we know, and especially ones we do not know, rotate around such an axis.

If we wish to understand ourselves and the world we live in, then we have to attain the laws of nature, which are fundamentally laws of love and connection. Without attaining love for others, or as it was written, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” we will be unable to discover who or where we are.

Love is the key that lets us see the entire picture of reality accurately, to understand, feel and become included in it, and to use it for self-realization.

By acquiring love for others in practice, we attain the Creator’s quality. Other laws are just facets and partial expressions of this fundamental law of reality. It is similar to how the law of gravity can be expressed in different ways, but as a whole, it always determines how one object is attracted to another.

There is a general phenomenon and there are particular cases of it. There is a law of universal bestowal, and for us it is first and foremost expressed as the social principle, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” By realizing this principle in society, we carry out the universal law. It controls us, and if we want to arrange our lives well, we have to aspire to its realization.

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