Incentive For Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Modern civilization is based on every problem being solved only through groups of people. But according to the experts, attempts to connect people into these kind of groups brings the opposite result most of the time. Within three or four months groups break up and only a “handful” of people remain faithful to an idea and the rest scatter. Why is this?

Answer: This is because people lack an incentive and drive for something and so they disperse.

If 20 to 30 years ago or even ten years ago it was possible to unite one collective into a group, today this is very difficult, as people have no incentive to work. What for? Why? For what purpose? They cannot be ignited, not through building a movement, a party, and not with anything in particular.

Humanity has folded all the programs. Where has the yearning to conquer space disappeared to? Nothing is left. Everything is concentrated only on grabbing something, stealing, being isolated far from civilization, and basking under the sun. People have no motivation especially when speaking about serious matters like these.

There was a time when people were ignited by great ideas, tried to materialize them for themselves, for their children, for the country, for the homeland. Today all borders have been opened; the relationship that a person has with his residence has become essentially one of consumption. This is how it is in regard to his nation and his people as well. We have spread throughout the earth, the previous boundaries are gone.

The concept of the family has also disappeared, it has broken apart. Parents have no responsibility for their children and the children have none for their parents. At best, the children put their parents into nursing homes. And parents react calmly to their children leaving them and living a life of seclusion. The traditional framework of a family, of a collective, of a region, a nation, and so forth has collapsed. Nothing remains sacred to a person, meaning that the ideals for which it was worthwhile to live, to work, to compete with someone, and to achieve something have disappeared.

This kind of lack of motivation began to be discovered in the 20th century, but it was still weak. In spite of it all, they somehow managed to finish things by building a party, or through fear as in the time of Stalin, or through brainwashing as with Hitler. But this could only happen in isolated instances, for a short time and with particular people.

But today, as I travel extensively throughout the world, visiting various nations, societies, and civilizations, I see that everything has stopped working.

The only thing that can spur a person on and give him an incentive is the fulfillment that he gets by working directly in a collective when he specifically feels through unity with others, that he finds some kind of serenity and rest.

But for this, it is necessary to construct, connect, and raise a collective in this kind of form, to show people how they can begin to get the magic that is in life through cooperation and mutual support. By creating a small, artificial society, they will get a feeling of life, mastery, interconnection, partnership, concern, and love.

If we create all of this in a collective then people will not go anywhere. They will come again and again and will specifically try to work for this. Not to attain the goals required by managers and landlords, but rather because when they work like this they feel alive, they feel that they exist, that they are found in some lofty state above our regular daily life.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/20/13

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