Questions After The Convention, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to repent my actions, emotions, and thoughts if the Creator is directing me completely? How do we not continue to err, to deny the supervision of “There is none else besides Him,” and, along with this, reach my recognition of evil?

Answer: Be sorry that the Creator made you fail in a form like this! It is a sign that you deserve it!

Question: Before the Second World War, Baal HaSulam tried to warn people about and prevent the Holocaust, but the results are known. You say that people will hear us only after blows. What can we do in order to prevent the blows, or are they inevitable? What is the right reaction to what is taking place: to endure and to pray for humanity (are we not cursing the Creator through our suffering and pain) or understand in a relaxed way and try to justify the necessity of developments like these? How is it possible to soften the blows and to bring the world to correction in a good way?

Answer: We need to administer the blows to our ego ourselves in that we act in opposition to it, and then we will be released from the external blows of the Creator. And if we work together, we will not feel the blows but pleasant shared efforts.

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