The Secret Of The Integral System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People don’t understand what holds them in integral groups. They ask, “What is the catch?”

Answer: There is no trick, since, after all, we pull them into connection with the universe, with the world, with nature. Nature is united, harmonious, and we show them how to reach this harmony. When they reach harmonious connection between themselves and with the environment, they are included within its sphere, they begin to feel its breath. The whole “trick” is in this, that we suit them to the integrality with nature. And what next?

Next, we continue to develop until reaching the state when we begin to feel how everything around us breathes, how everything is saturated with one thought that is called the “plan of Creation.” This is what we will reach.

Nature is clever! Look at what a harmonious computer we exist in! There is no trap here, only the discovery of the meaning of humanity which is absolutely realistic, built solely so that we become correctly connected with others, which fills them in a mutual manner and supports the only law, “To become one single nature.” It is not an ecological game, of the “greens,” but a rise to the level of Adam (man – human).

In this way we will begin to grow more and more in that we are filled with the feeling of boundless happiness. We will no longer feel that we are bound by the framework of our body.

By our beginning to improve the body and even the soul, and by rising even higher, we begin to feel that we acquire completely different possibilities. It is specifically in the mutual connection between us that we discover within us spaces that are filled with the sensation of happiness.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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