An Alliance Of Related Souls

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It isn’t clear how a modern person who doesn’t want to have children will suddenly have this desire.

Answer: It is thanks to the fact that we begin to connect mutually all over the world. By forming connections based on love above the repulsion and the unpleasantness, we begin to understand the internal power that is concealed in these relations. We will see to what extent bestowal upon others fills us.

Then a woman would want to be in such a relationship with her husband, with a certain husband and not some random partner, as we see these days. Then they will be able to establish a mutual relationship and to build a family, not on the biological, sexual level, but on the level of the spiritual connection. In such a family they will feel that it is possible to expand the relationship, fulfilling it through children. This is all the result of a person’s learning to connect with the world.

We’ve always lived egoistically. We gave and received egoistically, but now the whole world will reach an altruistic connection. First it is in the form of to bestowing in order to bestow, and then it is in the form of to receiving in order to bestow. We will understand that it is worthwhile to reach such a form of receiving in order to increase our bestowal.

It may seem like lofty language, but according to the pace of our development this future is very near. Of course, it is very hard to understand this, as long as a person doesn’t change. But by changing gradually, we begin to understand the level we are on and a bit above it.

I think that the more a person corrects himself, by becoming more integral and connected to others, by treating others with love, bestowal, concern, mutual understanding, and mutual guarantee, his attitude towards the other sex, towards his or her partner, will also change and so will the attitude to family ties and to children.

After all, we’ve never felt what love is. We acted according to our natural instincts and accordingly we chose the right spouse. But now our close relationships will be based on an internal feeling after we’ve learned to live above our ego.

Nature obliges us to establish such global relationships around the world. Then we will not look at the other sex on the beastly, physical level where the family has already collapsed. We will create a family alliance on a higher spiritual level, and will establish connections of mutual bestowal.

By this mutual bestowal I will begin to feel differently about my spouse and he or she will feel the same way about me, so there will be a new connection between us, as it says: “a man and a woman, if they were granted, Divinity is between them,” which means a special connection. Thanks to this connection, we will begin to think about children. This will be a totally different family, we are not going back to what was in the past, but rather will raise our connection from the corporeal, physical level to the level of the souls, to the spiritual level.

The family will have the same form: a man, a woman, children, but the meaning and the goal will be totally different.

From a “Talk About a New Life” #19, 2/02/12

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