Merging Groups

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let us say that there are dozens of integral learning groups in a certain neighborhood. How can they later merge into a single whole?

Answer: Today, having such a powerful mass media and ways for people to connect, we simply need to invent plenty of games, ways for people to be included mutually, like TV shows or fun attractions like panel games, when different groups meet and interact with each other. They begin to show us ways to change one another, how a person positions himself to affect others in a specific way.

Later, groups generally become diffused. They do not stay forever static like some frozen organization, community, city, dwelling, or middle-aged union. They do not. In the end, this will be a society where many people, or even everyone (I am referring to the future), will understand how they can make every situation work for them and be for the sake of others at the same time.

Once they understand this, they will see clearly how to interact and communicate with each other. In other words, any time they interact will be to help themselves and others have the best integral interconnection. They will work on being integrated with others every single moment, and thus will always feel a certain unity, which they already will feel and perceive as their and the world’s completely different state.

They will feel above our world in this unity, as if they were floating in a completely different human concentrate where different laws of behavior exist, the so-called “laws of commutation,” laws of unity and integration. By supporting each other in this and constantly being above our egoism, they begin to perceive a different kind of reality.

When a person is surrounded constantly by people who agree to play this kind of game, then this game gradually turns into a completely new kind of communication, and then the perception of a different space where, instead of receiving from others, we give to others. We work in a direction that is opposite to our current direction.

This new direction allows us to become free of our limitations. Instead of viewing every state as a state that obligates me and offers me the opportunity to take from the outside, on the contrary, I regard them as states that offer me the opportunity to come out of myself, become freer, and stop being limited and confined to myself.

Moreover, everyone else supports me in this. In the end, I will reach a comfortable, unrestricted state. It does not obligate me toward anything. On the contrary, it gives me an opportunity to feel free.

I am referring to relationships between people that we yet do not see anywhere today, but if we teach people these kinds of relationships, then in the end, they will aspire to this state. Once there are many people like this, they will overcome their egoistic resistance and communicate with each other above their egoism in a new mode. They will perceive a higher reality in it. We need to bring them to this.
From “A Talk on Integral Upbringing” 2/27/12

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