The Text That Radiates The Light Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference in the work between married couples who are involved with inner spiritual work and those who come to solve their material problems?

Answer: In working with various married couples there is no difference except for a difference in vocabulary. To these and others the same conditions and questions are given, but they are worded differently, nothing more than this.

For example, take a Kabbalistic dictionary, translate it into biblical language, and at once it becomes more understandable. After all, we are talking about the similarity of nature, the merger of all its parts together. And the family is the minimal unit of adherence.

Question: In working with the people outside, we are planning to use articles that you have already processed. We have noticed that when this material is used a completely different atmosphere is created. Why does this work, why is this so important?

Answer: I ask my students to read the sources all the time because from them the Light of correction is derived. The same thing goes for these articles as well. There is some of the Light in them, some kind of illumination. Going out with them in you, you will always feel it works better.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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