The Rules Are The Same For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are the rules of our workshops suitable for workshops we hold for the 99% of humanity?

Answer: Absolutely. The rules at all the levels are the same, only the expressions should be selected so that they would not alienate people. The law is the same in all the worlds, including our world. And all things considered, the connections between us are the same. Only we are not talking about the Light, Kli (vessel), MAN, MAD, etc. We present it in everyday terms: connection, love, alienation, convergence.

The wisdom of Kabbalah was considered a secret and was not revealed until people began to need it. And as soon as the need appeared, and the world was shown as integral, globally disassembled, and broken, the wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed immediately, and now we have to tell everyone about it but only in the usual terms of our world.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 4

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