A Workshop Is A Talk From Heart To Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanA workshop is a special action. I would say sacred. We are going to clarify a question, namely to clarify, not to answer, so that it is clear to us. Then, I will talk about it to explain it in a few minutes. And then, sitting in a circle, we will discuss how to find a logical solution, the real solution to this question, but not what is described in our books. In no case we should rely on the wise sayings of Kabbalists, rather we communicate from our heart to keep connection with each other.

However, I must accept a friend as great, infallible. It does not matter what nonsense he says. It is my feeling that he is stupid; I feel that I see it because I am not sufficiently connected with him. If I loved him, I would have felt through him that the Creator speaks to me.

Thus, while sitting in a group of ten, we must understand clearly how to relate to each other. Representatives of the Creator are sitting in front of me, and they tell me the absolute truth. I have to suppress any criticism, any distrust, anything that might alienate me from them. They are, without realizing it, saying the things that I cannot agree with. I am against it; I don’t want to hear it; I see everything stupid as having long passed, standard, and identical. It all seems so to me so that I rise above myself.

So, here we face a huge internal work.
From the Preliminary Lesson 8/16/12, Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 

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