Absorbing All The Fears Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe current state of the world is much worse than we feel, see and know. It is true that we do not talk about it because politicians and economists are not interested in creating a panic. They have no answer to the question about the crisis. They have no answer, and there is nothing you can do. Why should one panic in vain? And they’re right.

But we need to provide to people who are in a state of fear of hunger, drought, cold, shock, and the unpredictable approaching from all sides now. We should try to absorb all the animal fears of the world, fears of survival. They help us to gather and reveal that force, the surrounding Light (Ohr Makif), which will pass through us to the world, and everything will calm down. All the countries, societies, and people will begin to interact because they will understand that this is the only way to bring the world to balance, that not the still, not the vegetative, not the animate nature, but only the human being disturbs harmony, and everything else is disturbed by his egoistic actions.

We lack anxiety; we lack internal hysteria. If it were there, it would be easier.

Our problem is that we are disconnected from this world and try to find a quiet corner somewhere in our higher place. This is not good. On the contrary, we should find, on one hand, the state of the greatness of the goal, and on the other hand, inner fears, because our egoism is fed only by these. Fear and the greatness of the goal are two great forces that are pushing us from behind (fear) and drawing us forward (the greatness of the goal). They will help us to unite.

We should put pressure on ourselves to try to absorb from the world all of its negative feelings that arise in connection with the crisis and to turn them into the force of our development. Indeed, development occurs under the law of “negation of negation.” Until we feel more or less normal, we will not come to the next state. Only suffering or the greatness of the goal, when I suffer because I don’t have it, makes us go.

There are two types of suffering: suffering from a lack of feeling and suffering from unfulfilled love.
From the Preliminary Lesson 8/16/12, Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 

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