When A Child Does Not Want To Grow

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we expect from dissemination?

Answer: Dissemination makes new points in the heart (•) awaken below, who come and join us since they pertain the category of Israel, like all our friends around the world.

This is the upper Partzuf. Below is the part that pertains to Israel from birth. In other words, it already has experienced spiritual ascent and breaking, and lower is the part of the “nations of the world,” souls deprived of Reshimot, the “genetic” spiritual memory, and they lack the point in the heart. They are awakened by the Surrounding Light.

Let us examine this through the simple design of two Partzufim—Israel and the nations of the world—where each one divides in two: an internal part (A) and an external part (B). Israel has a point in the heart, and must maintain a connection with the upper Light, attracting it and introducing it into the inner part of the nations of the world.

We, like the nations, also have problems, only we regard them as the means for advancement. However, if we were to advance at the right speed, we would not experience problems. We would only reveal the need for adhesion in its pure form. Problems, which do not seem to be related to spirituality, are caused by our delay in development.

Regarding the nations of the world, they must pressure us with the so-called MAN (appeal for the Light), and we must pass this pressure above, also as a request, but of a different quality.

When A Child Does Not Want To Grow
However, our state is not yet corrected the way it potentially can be corrected, and this is why, instead of feeling a spiritual appeal from the nations, we feel physical pressure to the point of hatred, murder, and threats of complete destruction. Instead of spiritual means, the system influences us with rough, physical methods because there are no appeals or answers to these appeals going through it, and there is a bad negative connection between its parts.

Question: What should spiritual pressure be like? How is it different from physical pressure?

Answer: Spiritual pressure also manifests physically, but in accordance with our degree. The upper governance never changes. It is the same “Good Who does good.” He only appears to be very bad when we fall behind.

A child who has failed to graduate the third grade when he should be in fifth grade, regards his parents the same way. Their demands seem to be extreme, harsh, and very difficult, but it is only because he is not yet ready. If he wanted to correspond to his level and advance, he would regard his parents’ demands as helpful, and then they would direct him toward the next degree. Instead of hard pressure, he would feel as if he were being taken by his hand and guided in the right direction.

To help a child solve a problem at hand, he is asked leading questions that help him advance, become wiser, and grow. He is given building blocks, puzzles, and other games, to help him develop, and he understands it. However, what can you do when it is time for him to learn to play chess, and he still walks around with a pacifier and plays with rattles?

So, when we are on an adequate level of development, we then experience the upper One as “Good Who does good.” We feel while in the opposite way that: He wants to pull us to the next level and this is why He has demands; however, we read these demands incorrectly.

However, if we have not reached the level adjacent with the upper One, then we perceive His influence as concealment. This is because this influence does not go through its opposite side, like that which we want to become, but it goes through its “wrong side,” and this is a problem: We are not able to perceive the upper One as “Good Who does good.” We do not see his care. We do not know about His existence or program. This is called “concealment within concealment.”

Today, we are in the middle between this state and regular concealment where it already is possible to justify the upper One and understand that He conceals Himself in order to raise us and take care of us. This is similar to the way a child receives a set of building blocks and not the actual construction, not the prepared result, and if the child is bright, he understand that this is done for his own good, for his development.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/6/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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