In A Stage Of Formation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Very often people who come to the morning lesson, study very intensely, have a regular and normal family,  and believe they have no need to be involved with the integral method.

Answer: We are in a state of transition; all this is still being organized; it is in its infancy. In the meantime, a person is not ready to be involved simultaneously in his development, his family, and his work.

While he is locked into some kind of process, for example, in science, a person still cannot feel himself broad enough to be able to be involved with his family as well as the collective family, the whole of humanity.

The time will come when you need it. But if all of a person’s feelings and thoughts are centered first and foremost on the ordinary work necessary for existence, and then on the development of the integral method, he often will not have the energy or time to be involved with this in a family.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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