Preparation In Action

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Light has spread from the world of infinity, having passed many restrictions, and reached the center point of all the worlds, in which all sanctity, that is, the force of bestowal, ends. In this manner, this material world emerges, as the imprint of the 10 Sefirot of the spiritual world. We can do material actions in this material world we live in. It is in our power, and it is said, “Do all that is in your power!” And intention comes only due to the Light that Reforms.

Therefore, if we want to reach correction, we must perform the actions indicated by Kabbalists, that is, to strive to love others, which is the basis of all corrections. Everything we do to achieve this fundamental rule is counted as correct actions as if they have the correct form. It is impossible to find fault with the form because we have tried to unite, to cancel ourselves before the friends, and to feel each other’s desires.

That is, we acted correctly; we just did not have the right intention! And to the extent that we wanted to change our intentions in these actions, the Surrounding Light that Reforms acted on us. The Light is only waiting to affect us and to correct our intention to bestowal.

Therefore, a person comes to the state of Lishma, to spiritual bestowal, only after a period of preparation in which he acts in Lo Lishma. In other words, his intentions are still egoistic, but he performs all possible actions from a desire to achieve a genuine intention to bestow.

So, we need to treat our actions very seriously—hold various events, lectures, discussions, roundtables, go out to the public at every opportunity—to perform all the actions that facilitate dissemination and unity. After all, by this we attract a very strong Light that Reforms, which advance us quickly.

Therefore, I again and again warn people who have the opportunity to participate in dissemination to the general public and they do not do that. They just do not allow themselves to perform the actions that could move them toward holiness, to the spiritual world, even though they do not yet have the proper intention. It is a pity to miss this wonderful opportunity!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/08/13, Writings of Rabash

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