Hopeless Romantics And Realists

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen addressing a wide audience, what we give is not speculation but facts about the integral world, about a single system, which is being eaten away by the cancerous tumor of egoism. The world, as well as the living body, needs balance, which is a sign of health and fulfilling life.

Listeners should be turned into partners working on the material being taught. We do not oppose their beliefs but involve them initially to a rethinking about the world. Together with them, we see the world and understand how we live and function. And then of course, we understand that our future existence can be built only on equilibrium and the one who upsets balance, destroys and undermines the general system, until he dies, like cancer killing the body or humanity that is ruining nature.

People do not see how they could live differently and we agree with them that the exit is nowhere in sight. And yet we point them at the ideal, universal law of equilibrium because the world is headed for disaster.

In fact, we start talking not about unity but about the current situation: Today we live in a “bubble,” in some “field,” subject to the laws of equilibrium. And we do not match them. From generation to generation, we are becoming greater egoists and see this inevitable trend even in our own children, and that is why our problems are becoming more acute like during the development of metastasizing cancer.

In the end, we state the facts, nothing more. And if these facts can be revealed a little, in small doses, people will internalize them and agree with us.

This is the first stage of the explanation: I seemingly accompany my listeners on the path of the initial knowledge and awareness, and we become more united. Together, we look at the world and the crisis that it is experiencing in all areas.

Indeed, humanity is in a tragic situation, but still we do not see it yet. Even in an individual family it is not easy to establish relations that have been soured, and on a global scale, no one even dreams of unraveling the tangle of all of humanity. Although ideally, the world needs unity, today we see more clearly that unity is a dream of romantics or fools.

It is all correct because by nature we are opposite to the outer Nature, and thus in principle, are doomed to extinction. In fact, behind the illusion of life, we are approaching death second by second.

So perhaps, we should agree with it and quietly live our days? Should we impose a new philosophy in society, a new view of what is happening and put up with this? Even today, people do not want to have children, so let our generation become the last on earth?

Here, we take people to the “loophole,” to the unused opportunity. A special force acts in external integral Nature, and if we are together, the group somehow becomes similar to it, then something from Nature—its integral potential—will be manifested in this group. And then our group becomes connected with nature as one. Everything outside and inside seems to be filled with integral force.

After all, all ills, all problems, are ultimately caused by a huge difference (Δ) between us and Nature. And accordingly, if we eliminate this difference, we will not simply become liberated but will become eternal and perfect like all of Nature. Even physicists confirm that this is possible. And the key is that the group, according to its properties (form 1), would be consistent with Nature (form 2). By drawing closer to each other, we become like it.

Hopeless Romantics And Realists
How can we make the first form equal to the second? How can we get close?

“Very simply, let’s try, organize a workshop, and you will feel this.” The main thing is the questions and discussion help people become closer, excite them, and promote agreement instead of arguments.

And then the warmth of unity will envelop them, common feelings, around which they will begin to unite. It will take 20 to 30 minutes, and they will be imbued with a new spirit, as if their frequencies match. This will be the first example for them of what can be found in unity.

This force is in Nature, but you need to connect to feel it, and then it will correct everyone’s flaws and problems in all areas of  their lives.

How? This is the next lesson …
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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