There Are No Accounts In Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanInside of each nation, there is concealed an internal force that unites it. However, the sons of Israel, as Baal HaSulam explains, are not like the rest of the nations who possess this natural interconnection. If there is no love among them, they disperse easily. Only the hatred of other nations holds them together and protects them from complete assimilation.

Baal HaSulam uses the example of a bag of nuts. They are so unwilling to unite that they even rattle and hit against each other, but the “bag,” meaning anti-Semitism, doesn’t let them fall apart. However, this is not love and not unity. So, how long will they last?

That is why now the time has come for them to unite with each other and not due to the “bag” that shrouds them, but based on love and interconnection. Then, the external pressure will not be needed and it will cease. Suddenly, the Arab cousins will change their relationship and actually will become like brothers to them. This is because the point is not in someone else, but this is how the higher governance influences the Jewish people.

If the nation will merge, the “bag” will no longer be needed, and in this way, all of the negative forces in the world will be eliminated, only by the means of unity. Realizing this methodology, people will feel something that is instilled in their soul and forgotten long ago.

The seed already has been planted, and that is why Baal HaSulam writes that the Jewish nation needs to awaken the love within it again while, of course, it is necessary to be open to everyone. Who knows where the ten tribes who fell away during the time of the First Temple have gone? Who knows where their descendants are now and how many there are.

Anyway, if the entire world has to arrive at the same unity, then, of course, the Jewish nation is ready to accept all of those who want it. There are no accounts in love. Those who wish it so, join in.
From a “Talk on 5/6/12”

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