When A Woman Grumbles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we do if the women whose husbands already are working with integral upbringing raise claims to them such as, “You go there; you’re saving the world while we are vegetating here”?

Answer: It means that the woman has not received enough of integral upbringing. She does not feel that, through her self-sacrifice, since the husband is not home because he is studying and everything rests upon her shoulders, she makes a huge contribution, above all, for herself and her children. She does not understand the higher, spiritual impact that comes to them.

Here, it is important to explain to the person and give him the opportunity to somewhat feel that eternity, the perfection into which we are entering on the next level, is instilled in nature. Everyone talks about this today.

We need to let the women feel that here is a higher reward, to make them participants of what their husbands are doing, but in different circles, with children, between women, and so on. This is all possible.

We are situated at such a transition where we are developing the methodology from various directions. In front of us, the entire world lies as an untrodden expanse. This is our century, our generation; this what we still have to do.

Psychologists, ecologists, economists, and political scientists must play their role, all of the people who represent the middle class and above who understand, realize, and feel the reasons behind what is going on; in contrast, the ordinary people who do not feel what is going on, the causes and roots, are therefore unable to do anything. Here, the intellectuals must play their role.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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