How Do You Explain To A Woman That Her Husband Is Saving The World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to say that, when a man studies the integral method, he is saving the world?

Answer: Of course it is the saving of the world since otherwise we are all headed for disaster. I believe everyone understands that.

Question: How can a man express the importance of this work to his family?

Answer: I don’t think that a man today can influence a woman, his wife, and explain to her that what he deals with is important. She won’t accept it through him, but she will perceive it through other men. If his friends come to her, not those with whom he used to have a beer, but his new friends, if they talk to her or if she goes to a lecture or to a course for women or something like that, others will convince her, but I doubt that the husband himself can do it.

After all, she sees through her eyes, on his part, he has to undergo very serious changes in his behavior, in his openness and in his attitude toward her. If he spoke to her in a completely different way, looking into her eyes and getting rid of all the external trappings which were between them, if he put his arrogance aside and all the distortions and the habits, then he might be able to do it, but, in order to do that, the husband has to be free of the domination of his “promiscuous” society. This is, of course, a big problem since a person is enslaved to his environment.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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