Ice Cream For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must stop dealing directly with our desire, trying to fill it through the different systems we have created. It simply doesn’t work. It worked partially for a while, meaning intentionally in order to let us reach the shattering, and the full recognition of our evil. But now we’ve reached a state in which we can come to the conclusion that we can’t advance this way anymore. We have to rise above the old approach, above the attempts to fill ourselves and to manage our lives egoistically. We will never succeed this way and so we must rise to the level of bestowal.

If we don’t rise from the attribute of receiving to the attribute of bestowal, we won’t be able to reach fulfillment. We must understand that we cannot continue with the old way. The new approach is: only the connection of everyone, not of some on the account of others. We can fulfill ourselves only if we unite.

It’s as if nature is confronting us with a condition, a new egoistic law that says: “You can have a wonderful life, everyone will receive fulfillment and will be happy, but only if you are all equal.” It’s like a mother who says to her children, “Do you want some ice cream? You will get it only if you are connected and don’t fight. If not, no one will get anything.”

This is how nature calls us to advance to equality, so that within the equality we will be able to discover an even greater opportunity. The main point is not the ice cream that you will get when you reach equality; you are being drawn by the ice cream so that you will reach equality and feel that it’s the highest value. When you eat the ice cream, you already enjoy it from a state of equality and connection. You suddenly discover that the ice cream that is eaten together when you are connected is 1000 times tastier than the ice cream you ate by yourself.

So what does nature want? It wants you to feel that you have received a new vessel, a new desire that enables you to discover a taste that is a 1000 times greater, NRNHY instead of Nefesh. You become free of the limitations of life and death and begin to exist in an infinite space. You reach a new perspective, a feeling of limitless freedom from the limitations that the ego imposed on you.

You feel how wonderful it is to connect with others. The ice cream was just an excuse, a trigger that brought about the changes, the discovery of the new integral desire. This is the process the whole world has to go through now.

We are going through this process consciously, as we understand where we’re headed. Therefore, we have to help the rest of the world, by explaining to them that they shouldn’t try to reach connection in the old ways anymore. They have all failed. Let’s try a new approach, a very simple approach: If we unite, we will succeed.

For others it will be a simple egoistic goal: to unite in order to succeed. But because we organize it and we are together, through us they will receive another filling. The desires of the world are “round” and our desires are “straight.” So when they connect to us they will also receive this straight form, just like a musical instrument that fills its bag. After all, the “circle” already contains the straight form that has the Masach (screen) and works with the Light. Then everyone will start feeling that it’s this integral form that gives the special filling, NRNHY, and thanks to our connection, the world will advance.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/02/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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