Why People Like Looking At Clouds

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter Tzimtzum Bet (Second Restriction), every upper Partzuf moves its lower part into the lower Partzuf. The lower part of Bina submerges into Zeir Anpin, and the lower part of Zeir Anpin submerges into Malchut. This is why the upper part of every Partzuf is visible, and the lower part is hidden inside the lower Partzuf.

This is the structure according to Tzimtzum Bet, and this is precisely how we are connected with one another: Every person has a part of him included in another person. Everyone is inside everyone.

We are not able to visually imagine a holographic image like this. There is no person who is not included in everyone, and there is no person who does not include everyone, a part from every person. This integral image is similar to one big cloud without a beginning and an end or separate parts. Simply, everyone is included in everyone.

This is what Tzimtzum Bet does to us when Bina connects with Malchut. For this reason, regardless of whether we want it or not, we have an absolute influence on one another. Once we understand this and use the consequences to properly influence each other’s thoughts and desires, then we will quickly attain the mutual guarantee and the common Kli (vessel).

The system is already built according to this principle. The question is only whether we want the system to operate according to it. This is the entire difference between the world where we exist and the spiritual world. Our world is what we want to see in it, while the spiritual world completely corresponds to the Creator’s desire.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/10,, Beit Shaar HaKavanot

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  1. I am a slightly confused Fundamental student. We have heard about the 5 Sefirot. We have learned about the Partzuf-Galgalta, AB, SAG, MA, BON, Nikudot de SAG, and Nikudim. We have learned that each section of each Partzuf contain the Sefirot. Here you refer to “Bina” and “ZA” as Partzufim.

    Are Galgalta, AB, SAG, MA and BON also called Keter, Hochma, Bina, ZA, and Malchut? If so, then what of Nikudot de SAG and Nikudim. What Sefirot are they?

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