Eternity Of Spiritual Contact

962.6Question: You said that when a person you knew well and with whom you felt a certain spiritual, human closeness dies, you look at it in two ways. As a Kabbalist, you understand that a person has simply completed his mission at this stage and continues on his path. On the other hand, you feel the pain of his relatives with whom you are familiar. How is such a double perception possible?

Answer: I had such close contacts with my teacher. I was by his side for 12 years, practically all hours except for sleeping and another three or four hours a day when I had to work. Plus, once a week we went with him for two days to Tiberius. We had a small house there.

Despite this, when he left, it was absolutely clear to me that this man had completed his mission, and now I must continue it. I remained at the level at which I was in spiritual, inner contact with him, and although I do not see him externally, our contact continues to develop.

So, in fact, I do not interfere with his physical absence. It helps me in many ways because I feel my duties, I feel a completely different task before me.

In general, Kabbalists do not meet the death of their teachers in the same way that we meet the death of relatives in our world. That is, it is not leaving us. There is no such thing as “leaving us”!

What does “he left me” mean? The body disappeared from the eyes, disappeared from this world. But he didn’t leave me! I had an inner contact with him, was together in one desire, in one aspiration, in one vessel. Our souls touched and mutually penetrated each other. In this mutual penetration, mutual spiritual actions remain and develop.

In no case do I feel separated from him and through him from all Kabbalists along this long chain to Adam. I feel that I am connected with them to the extent that I can realize it, feel it, understand it, and discover it for myself. I feel this clearly, just as a person in our world feels that he belongs to his relatives, his comrades, his colleagues, his people, and our world.

This is an absolutely clear feeling that you live with. And the fact that one leaves or both of you rise further together changes at the same time, of course, these feelings are transformed at a different level, but they still remain, there is no gap. Can an animal body somehow affect spiritual contact here?! In no case!
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Beyond the Last Line” 5/3/10

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