The Goal Of A Kabbalist In Relation To The World

254.01Question: The greatest Kabbalist of the last century Baal HaSulam paid great attention to the foundations of the future society and issues of peace in the world in his writings. Is the goal of Kabbalists to establish peace in the world in every sense, at all levels?

Answer: Yes, in other words, to bring the world to perfection.

Question: What is your goal as a Kabbalist in relation to the whole world?

Answer: It is exactly the same. It is true that it is great and I am very small. But, in principle, if it were possible to push the world or some part of it at least a little to a state of convergence of opposites in terms of freewill, then I would be really happy that I have made some action, that I have done something the Creator requires of me.

Kabbalah provides all the remedies to accomplish this work.

Question: Who would you like to see next to you to achieve this goal?

Answer: All the people in the world. Absolutely everyone! They all are needed.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 3/4/22

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