The Mind—A Link To Universal Consciousness

624.04Question: Scientists that researched the human brain tried to find a mechanism that controls a person and utilizes all of the brain’s capabilities. But they didn’t find the answer. Perhaps they weren’t looking in the right place?

Answer: Of course, not. Our brain is a very serious transitional link both between ourselves and between each of us and the external universal world consciousness.

In fact, all souls are interconnected by a very complex network of mutual connection, not only people and not just on the level of our world to the extent of the scope of its information, but at the level of a much deeper and more capacious informational connection.

Therefore, to say that we could find the source of actions, thoughts, feelings, decisions, desires, or anything that happens to us inside a person is completely incorrect. All these invisible, imperceptible connections pass through us, through billions of other souls and bodies, and return back again. This is a huge common whole organism that we do not know and do not feel.

But Kabbalists do feel it. They perfectly attain how this organism works. It is called the radiance of the Shechina, the radiance of the entire universe, of the common desire and common thought where all humanity unites in thoughts and aspirations at the highest level in its corrected state with the Creator.

In the end, everyone will attain this. Then we will know what the scientists were trying to find out. Otherwise, we will never have complete information.

Question: Can we say that by researching the brain, scientists are looking for the root of our origin?

Answer: Yes. But, actually, there is nothing inside the brain. The brain is a very small receiver of information. In fact, the work of each cell of the body is determined by the organism, but in order for the cell to learn what the organism requires of it, there is a small device in it that adapts it to the whole organism. This is what our brain is.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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