What Passes On From Life To Life?

760.1Question: Are there cycles of souls?

Answer: Yes, they exist; you just need to understand what they are.

There has been claims by scientists that they discovered where the human soul is and how much it weighs. There are some enthusiasts who are always looking for something like that. I too would like people to eventually find their soul but not in this way, not by weighing or some kind of medical examination.

What is reincarnation? What is it for? Who is it reincarnating? What is transmitted from life to life through death? What dies, what remains, what just flows above our existences? If we define this, then we will not be confused.

Reincarnation in Kabbalah is understood as the reincarnation of souls, while humanity perceives it as something that passes from our life to the next life, that is, a person dies now and then is born again and again.

It is correct that he is born again. But is it the same person? What remains of his past life? What passes on through the stage of death, which we do not observe in our world, into a new existence, which we again observe in our life? This needs to be determined.

There is a special collection of information, what is called Reshimo, from the word “Roshem” (record), that really passes from life to life. Therefore, in each generation we develop and become more egoistic, smart, and dexterous. This is our development, unlike animals.

Animals develop much more slowly and people develop constantly, literally throughout their lives. An animal reaches the peak of its development in a few weeks after birth, at maximum several months. And after that, it just lives developing only physically, in an animal way.

A person also develops in an animal way, that is, he grows in mass, and at the same time grows in intellect, in mind, in accumulating information, in mastering communication with this world. Therefore, compared to animals, we have a huge amount of additional information that passes from generation to generation.

We see how the next generation is born with some skills that we do not have because it takes its information data from the previous generation, from the previous reincarnation and transfers it to the next one.

Since a person breaks off with the past and reincarnates into the next level of life, even the same earthly egoistic level without any spiritual appendage, he already behaves differently, treats the world differently, and perceives this world in a completely different way.

Look at how our children, and even more so grandchildren, perceive computers, mobile phones, all these novelties. It is absolutely natural for them! They are already born with this information. But this is not the soul.

This is where we do not differ much from a regular person who does not purposefully engage in Kabbalah, the development of the soul. He just does not have it. He has the so-called informational genes that accompany him throughout his life, develop, and pass from life to life.

His vital force again excites the body, he is born in a new shell, and in it he continues to further develop his informational data (mind and feelings that we define as egoism) until in one of the material reincarnations his egoism develops to the point where he starts asking: “What am I living for?”

That is, he is already asking not only within the framework of this world: “Why do I exist? How can I live better?”, but a higher: “What am I living for?” He seems to want to get up and look at the whole metamorphosis that is happening to him from top to bottom, as if from the outside.

Then the need for the development of the soul arises. Such a person comes to the science of Kabbalah; he has nowhere else to develop his soul. He begins to develop it from that initial informational gene that asks about the meaning of life, no longer the meaning of existence within this life but above it in order to actually comprehend its meaning.

A person no longer stops at any soothing meditative methods, but wants to directly, sensibly reveal the upper world in himself.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Reincarnation” 5/3/10

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