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We feel our world inside our egoism as dark and narrow.
But inside us we have an embryo of the upper world, the point of Bina, the Creator.
If we increase it, it will expand to the size of Keter, 620-fold.
We thus end up equal to the Creator in His world.

Love for the neighbor is expressed through unity, in order to feel, understand and fill his desires. If the unity is correct, all parts work as one whole. Love is the aspiration to fulfill the desires of others and to live for their sake. That’s how a perfect system is created.

It’s not Nasrallah who’s in a bunker, but us, trying to hide from our own history and mission. We now have to realize our true potential—in unity. That’s where our endless possibilities will come to fruition.
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We’re building a new society, a unique place the likes of which the world has never seen. Our group works to reveal and implement Kabbalah’s method, striving to perform such correction that we’ll be the spiritual center of the world, an example for its spiritual development.

The greatest difficulty is rising to the 1st spiritual degree since man must change his nature from “receiving-ego-reason” to the spiritual one “bestowal-faith.” On the following degrees he only adds the force of bestowal-faith, raising it above reception-reason.

We sculpt the system ADAM and it comes to life. Thus from inanimate matter a corrected man is created, into whom the Creator breathes light, life spirit. This wonderful opportunity that we have is what we celebrate on the New Year, #RoshHashana—the day of man’s creation (birth)!

All our focus and efforts aim to create conditions in which the Creator can be revealed. We must assemble the fragmented system of ADAM, combining its qualities of bestowal, mutual guarantee and inclusion in such a way that spirit/Light will appear inside this matter.

The New Year—#RoshHashana, is the first contact with the upper force, the first attainment of the King of the world, when man reveals that the Creator governs everything. Our only opportunity is to agree with His plan. All changes and revelations happen only inside man.

The upper force always governs everything. All we need is to feel ourselves under its influence, obtain the force of bestowal above reception (ego) and start correcting our desires. The work starts with the New Year (#RoshHaShana) holiday, the state of creation’s first correction.

Today is the first day of the school year!
May school turn into a place where a small person is raised into a Human, where he is taught how to be properly connected to others into a single system, similar to nature. This will guarantee a good future for him.

The Creator made only the will to receive. In it I feel this world. Rising above this world means rising above the will to receive, feeling the Creator/upper world in the will to bestow.
Next, managing acts above the will to receive, we become like the Creator, the will to bestow.

Spiritual work starts with restricting desire. I rise above desire to use it willingly. The Creator gives the force of faith above reason and desire ceases to be my boss. On the contrary, I control it and become similar to the Creator.
Kabbalah starts from precisely this action.

An attained degree doesn’t disappear, but generates an even greater will to enjoy, making the work even more difficult. Yesterday’s attainment becomes today’s obstacle. This is “help from the opposite,” enabling us to rise higher by faith above reason.

#RoshHashana is the revelation of the Creator’s perfection and power, His total governance: I am first and I am last, and I am in everything. That’s how man imagines the King of the world and it is the start of his spiritual path.

Embryo. The right action is not to consider sensations in the egoistic desire, but to aspire to adhesion with the Creator above it. In this adhesion there’s no “area” but only a point, since “area” has the directions right-left—my calculations.

A spiritual embryo is the aspiration to remain in adhesion with the Creator, in one single point of unity, in any situation and under any conditions. The height of the spiritual degree is determined by the conditions/size of egoism above which we are ready to annul ourselves!
From Twitter, 9/5/18

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