A Different Approach To Life

258During the time of the Roman Empire, the Jews lived according to completely different principles than the Romans. They did not have slavery. And although there was such a thing as a Jewish slave, it was written about that: when you get a slave, it’s worse than if you buy yourself a master.

After all, if the master has one pillow, he must give it to the slave. A slave is practically a guest in the house, which is very difficult to support because you need to constantly provide everything for him. If he is released, he must leave with his wife and children. That is, there has never been enslavement among the Jewish people.

We see this today. There are even jokes about the Israeli army, when a soldier can easily turn to a general: “Hello! How are you?” or something like that, because equality is in the blood of the people.

In addition, the attitude toward a woman, her position, and role, everything that exists today is completely different from what it was before. For all peoples, except for the Jews, it was absolute suppression. A woman was not considered a person at all.

And the Jews had very strict laws in this regard. When you marry a girl, you give her a wedding document, in which you undertake to support her.

As for Jewish children, there was not a single boy who did not start learning the alphabet and arithmetic from the age of three. Everyone without exception was extremely literate. We are talking about people who lived three to four thousand years ago!

There was none of this in Rome. At most, those who wanted to succeed went into sports. Although this was also not available to everyone. And those boys who were not well built or had physical defects were killed without any remorse.

Therefore, in all vitally important articles, we have a completely different approach of the two nations to life in general, the interpretation of existence, and life values.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Formula of the Creator” 7/18/10

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