Jewish Relations With The Romans And The Greeks

560Question: Why was Greece, which is considered the birthplace of western civilization, under Rome?

Answer: Rome is barbarian, a position of power. Greece is a position of wisdom, but human wisdom. Therefore, the Greeks were a bridge from Judaism to the Romans. The Romans already gave modern barbarian civilization to the whole world.

Question: That is, first there was Kabbalahlove your neighbor, unification. Then philosophy, when people understood this world but through reason. Are the Romans purely animal desires and not ideology?

Answer: The ideology is simple—divide and conquer. Nothing else. A pure position of strength, without any addition of brains.

Question: Why did the Romans allow the Jews to observe their customs?

Answer: The Jews did not interfere with the Romans. They had such a different attitude to the world, to people, and to themselves that the Romans did not seem to notice them. The Jews had an ideological war with Greece, not with Rome.

The Greeks believed that their attitude to the gods, to the meaning of life, was correct. The Jews did not worship their gods, did not pay attention to the Greeks, they considered them barbarians. As far as it was possible to understand the high ideas of the Jews, the Greeks seized them, decided that they understood correctly, and began to fight for it.

Question: Can we say that it was the worship of reason?

Answer: I do not think you can call it that. After all, the religions that originated in Greece are not the worship of reason. There is no intelligence there. They simply materialized the ideas of Kabbalah, and from this came the earthly religions.
From KabTv’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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