How To Interpret Numbers In The Torah?

571.04Question: Abraham was the first person who raised Malchut to Bina in 40 years. It is written in the Torah that he attained the Creator at the age of 40. What does the number 40 mean?

Answer: Everyone has an inherent egoistic will to receive. It can be corrected only by raising it to the level of Bina, which has the numerical value 40. This means that we can rise to the level of Bina in 40 years, in 40 degrees.

In fact, this is purely conditional; we can count and perceive this level in different ways. Yet, in the Torah, the number 40 is very common.

Question: The number three is also mentioned in the Torah. For example, it is written that Abraham started to think about the meaning of life at the age of three. What does it mean? Clearly, this is not simply age.

Answer: Of course it is not a physical age. But we can say that it is a spiritual age when an opportunity to receive and bestow is revealed in a person and from these two opposite states he can build the middle line. Three is the formation of the middle line.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 6/11/21

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