Two Kinds Of Desires In A Person

562.02Question: The generation of Abraham is called the generation of separation, discord (in Hebrew “Dor Haflaga“). The people who followed Abraham began to be called “Israel” and the rest were called the nations of the world. What is this division into two kinds of desires within a person?

Answer: Yearning for connection between people is an altruistic quality. The desire to dominate people is an egoistic quality.

Abraham initiated the principle of dividing humanity into two groups: a small, insignificant group of egoists who wanted to rise above themselves were called Yehudi (Jews, Israelites) and a group called the nations of the world.

These are two types of desires within a person: egoistic desires that are already corrected and ready for use and uncorrected desires that cannot be used.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/11/2021

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