Coming Out Of A Dark Cellar

424.02Question: According to the fable of the rich man and his son, what does a young man, who is in the cellar for twenty years, feel?

Answer: He wants to come out of there, but he cannot. The whole world pressures him on all sides and nothing good illuminates for him to such an extent that he wishes he was not born. This is called a dark cellar.

Everything that he could desire is right next to him, everything one can possibly imagine: gems, precious stones, and gold, but he does not see it because he does not have the correct sight.

Sight means the reflecting light, the attribute of bestowal. The moment you acquire it, you immediately begin to see that you are in a different world.

You must be in the cellar for 20 years because there are 10 Sefirot of the direct light from the top down and ten Sefirot of the reflected light from the bottom up.

Question: At what point do we begin to count the 20 years?

Answer: We actually begin to count from the start, but these are not 20 years according to our time. Do not worry. The main thing on our part is to attain the resemblance of the Creator during this lifetime.

So, everything is still ahead. If an elderly person begins to engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, he will still have enough time to reach the end of correction and to come out of the cellar.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/31/19

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