How To Discover The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanHow can we discover the Creator? Essentially, this is the purpose of the creation of the worlds and all of humanity, and all of our long history in which we don’t understand where we have come from and where we are going and what is happening to us every minute.

That is how we develop: without understanding and knowing the reason for any event. However, at some time, we will reach a point of development when we can begin to discover the reason and the essence of everything that is happening with us. Through the reality that is revealed before us, we can discover who activates it.

In other words, I exist in a world. This means that I feel myself as existing in a body. I have feelings and intelligence, and, with them, I feel my existence. Likewise with them I perceive the reality in which I am found. This reality exists and changes. It follows that I and the environment exist. The environment includes within it only everything that I can perceive with my senses.

The Kabbalists say that there is a comprehensive general force that stands behind all of this reality inside and out, a force that penetrates everywhere and carries out activities both outside of me and within me.

If so, then, first of all, I must detect some kind of basic point from which I will determine what changes on the outside and what changes on the inside, and, from this point, I will begin to identify these changes. This inner point is my “self,” and within it there is only one characteristic of perception: “I am the one who is feeling.”

Now, I have been given a permanent, endless exercise for the duration of my entire life: how through all that changes within me—in my sensations and in my intellect, how within my internal changes—I perceive external changes, how through all that happens within me and outside of me do I discover the hidden force, the hidden and imperceptible desire that carries out all of these actions, all of these changes.

This force constantly holds me in some kind of state, changes these states, and constantly replaces the surrounding conditions. If I am sensitive and aware—trying to maintain my ability to examine and scrutinize, discern and locate this force—then, gradually, I will be able to identify it through everything that happens inside and outside of me. From this, I will begin to understand and feel Him so much that I will not relate to my inner and outer changes, but will see the cause, the force that carries out, and realizes these actions.

I will know why He does this, the purpose, what He wants from this, how He teaches me all the time to feel, to understand, and to discover more, to such a degree that I will discard all of the externals, meaning myself and the environment, and I will see that I (this inner point from which I constantly have tried to discover this force) and this force adhere together.

There is no external reality, not my body, my emotions, nor intellect. There is no environment with its whole mess. There is no world filled with human beings. All of this disappears, and only the link between me and this force remains. All that happened between us was only to develop a direct connection between us, such a connection that is called “adhesion.”

This is our work, and to carry it out we must go out to the wider public, connect with the group, study, and participate in all kinds of events. All of this is ultimately to bring myself to such spiritual work in which we constantly try to discover this inner force that surrounds and determines everything.
From the Convention In New Jersey “Day Two” 8/9/14, Lesson 4

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