In A Cloud Managed By The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does it always seem to me that there is still time and that it is possible to wait until tomorrow? Why don’t I dive into the study and dissemination, but find new excuses with which I deceive myself and others?

Answer: This is because you need to correct yourself, specifically thanks to these “whys.” The Creator gives us such questions and exercises like we give a little child in school. We must understand that they are required for our development, and we must try to respond to them correctly.

Generally, at the end of every exercise book, there are answers for the questions. However, for us, every question is given one general answer that includes within it an endless number of terms: “There is none else beside Him.”

In a group, there must be a sensation that we always are in a cloud managed by the Creator, and we must live in one basket mutually within this cloud, moving toward full awareness and management, and, simultaneously, nullify not ourselves, but our ego.

This means that I must manage, influence, understand, and work, but not within my ego, but rather within a state that I now must acquire, own, and master. This is an absolutely new state, and I must enter it.

A cloud into which it is necessary to dissolve my ego and in which I must begin to feel myself as active, as understanding, must envelop all of us. This is called “work in a group.”

This shared feeling must hold us within it, and we need to nurture, develop, and take care of it. This, at least partially, amounts to support by the friends. The group exists on this platform.
From the Convention In Toronto “Day One” 8/4/14, Meal

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