Rejoicing In Purim

Laitman_066_03Question: Why do we have to drink a lot and rejoice in Purim?

Answer: When it says that we have to drink, eat, and be happy people usually don’t ask questions. On the whole, what brings our body pleasure raises no questions, but in Purim this is raised to a level of a Mitzva (commandment), which means that we have to be happy and to get drunk “until one doesn’t know.” This isn’t meant literally, of course, but when we say “to get drunk and be happy” we refer to the maximum receiving of the Light of Hassadim (Mercy) symbolized by eating and of the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) symbolized by drinking wine.

Once we receive these two Lights, the joy appears and all of a person’s attributes participate simultaneously. All the attributes that a person has acquired are included in this joy starting from the lowliest and most negative attributes to the most sublime and highest attributes. Thus, by using all of our capabilities in this state we attain the Creator.

It is actually in this state that the holiday is considered successful. Thus, we should reach a state where a person actually loses control, “loses consciousness,” until he cannot tell the difference between good and evil, because all the evil has already been corrected and is aimed at goodness.

This doesn’t mean that he has to fall unconscious, but simply reach a state in which he realizes that the Creator has not created anything that is evil. The state in which all the evil is corrected into goodness actually gives a person the height of his attainment, which is expressed by joy and gladness. In this state there is a sharp encounter between the lowliest attributes and the most sublime ones and they support and justify each other.

This is the end of correction. In Kabbalah it is called a state in which “love will cover all transgressions.” It’s when all the sins, the evil, the oppositeness, the hate don’t disappear but are revealed and on top of them love appears. Therefore, the first commandment is the commandment of fear, and above it there is the second commandment which is the commandment of love. This is the only way by which the contact between a person and the Creator is attained, the understanding and the identification with Him and with what He has done for a person. At the same time all the barriers disappear and everything becomes for the sake of unity.

Comment: What a pity that Purim is only one day…

Answer: No, it is a state that lasts forever. We can attain it in one day and then it continues forever, since a person understands and perceives that it was all done by the Creator in an opposite manner, as it says: “I have created the evil inclination, and I have created the Torah as a spice,” in order to reach the state of the end of correction called Purim, which means the uppermost level of the Creator.

This is the ultimate, ideal, and perfect state. We have to help one another yearn for the end of correction and do our best so that everyone should reach this state as soon as possible. This concludes the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is only according to this method that we can reach such a high level among us called Purim.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/16/16

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