The Intent Of The Creator

laitman_602_01Question: How must a person direct himself toward the correct perception of what is happening with him?

Answer: This is spoken about in the most important article about man’s spiritual work, “There is None Else Beside Him.” Beginning in the morning, you must constantly direct yourself to feel that you are in a world in which the one and only power and will that builds and manages it is the Creator.

And along with everything that you absorb and in spite of anything that may happen to you, you must only strengthen your inclination and yearning within the consciousness that everything that is happening to people and what is around them, including what is happening with you, all is the intent of the Creator. He is the first, and after Him are all the characteristics and features of our world that influence and act upon you.

You must examine yourself constantly, do not begin to lose and divert your attention from your inner intention that everything happening within you and around you is derived only from the single upper force. And despite the internal and external changes, the reason for everything that will happen is that I will not change my attitude toward the Creator as the only reason for everything.

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