In Advance

laitman_527_03As it is written, “There is none else besides Him.” All of our work is focused on this. In my every action, every feeling, every desire, every thought, I want to reveal Him, He who sends me all this.

He is the organizer, the authentic doer. Whatever I do, in fact, He does it through me, and I must discover how He is working in me, like the upper force, the Creator, acting as a “derivative” in the created being.

Coming to this, I reach adhesion. By experiencing the action, I agree with what the Creator does through me, and then I become one whole with Him.

On the way to adhesion, I go through a lot of resistance, am especially sent into concealment and in various forms. This allows me, in the minutest detail, to bring myself in line with the Creator, to merge with Him, to adhere to such an extent as to feel not even He who produces my thoughts, actions, and desires within me, but I, myself, as if am ahead of His creation; all this is because I am in adhesion with the Creator and know Him.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/5/14

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