The Bible – History or Science?

The Bible - History or Science?A question I received: I have a question for you as a scientist. Through studying accessible historical documents, I came to the conclusion that the biblical story of Moses is wrong. It seems to me that Moses was an Egyptian military commander, and he created an army out of former Semite slaves, with the support of Egypt’s rulers and priests.

My Answer: Life itself teaches us to place less trust in our conclusions based on history, as they usually end up being wrong. However, the biblical texts can be confirmed. Even though I’m a doctor of philosophy, I despise this so called “science” where anyone can come up with whatever they want. I believe only in practical facts, according to the premise that you can’t think of what you can’t attain. Kabbalists speak only from their direct attainment, and as such, I believe what they say about the things I haven’t yet attained, because I’m convinced of their truth. One should only rely on practical activity, without adding any inventions or connections of their own.

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  1. Igrot (letters) p.25

    To my friend.
    It is now noon and I have received his letter from the eighth of the first month, and your beggar’s complaints against me is an accepted prayer, as it is written in the Zohar.
    I have already proven to you in my previous letters that while you reproach me for not writing, it is your own languor you should be reproaching. Note, that you have not written a word to me in more than two months, while I wrote you four letters in that time.
    If, as it is written, that does not satiate the lion, “for one higher than the high watcheth, and there are higher than they.” As fierce answer is required, I shall answer you that everyone believes in private providence, but do not adhere to it at all.
    The reason is that an alien and foul thought cannot be ascribed to the Creator, who is the epitome of the “Good that doeth Good.” However, only to the true workers of God does the knowledge of private providence open, that He caused all the reasons that preceded it, both good and bad. Then they are cohesive with private providence, for all who are connected to the pure, are pure.

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