Time to Shift Our Attention

Time to Shift Our AttentionA question I received: You once said: “Egoism’s growth doesn’t allow for romance. Today, romance no longer exists and it isn’t going to come back. Instead of a husband, today’s egoism demands the Creator!” Here lies a serious problem. In order to start a serious relationship with a woman, one has to as if, skip something. In the past, a man would meet a gentle and fragile girl who brought out the strength within him, and whom he wanted to take care of. These instincts kicked in automatically. Today, we don’t meet “gentle women.” The women today have turned into aggressive hunters. How does one develop a desire to fulfill a woman?

My Answer: It’s time to shift your attention to the Creator, since as you can see, women no longer need it.


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  2. This is absolutely true, as a woman I can say that lately I have lost interest in creating a romantic relationship with a man.  I feel as though I don’t a man anymore and not interested in “love”. I have also noticed that my female friends who do not study Kabbalah are shifting their attitudes towards uniting with other girls as oppose to seeking male attention and company.

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