Some Kabbalistic Definitions

Some Kabbalistic DefinitionsA question I received: In order for people to understand one another, i.e. to speak “one language,” they need to operate with the same concepts. I think that you are often misunderstood because when we hear your Kabbalistic terms, we inject our own familiar meaning into them. So can you please definite the following terms:

My Answer:
Desire – the entire material of Creation, the place where Light (the sensation of the Creator) is received.
Intention – the purpose, the goal for which an action is performed.
State – a sensation in the desire and intention.
Feeling – a) sensory organ, b) sensation.
Sensation – the desire’s reaction to what it feels within.
Perception – the measure of sensation.
Joy – the sensation of fulfillment within oneself or in another.
Euphoria – the feeling above the Masach (screen).
Sorrow – the sensation of the absence of what is desired.
Sadness – a state of low fulfillment.

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  4. I Heard
    Rabash, the dedicated student, wrote down everything he’d heard from his father in a notebook he titled, Shamati (I Heard). He gathered thousands of notes documenting Baal HaSulam’s explanations of a person’s spiritual work. At his deathbed, the Rabash bequeathed the notebook to his personal assistant and student, Rav Michael Laitman, who later published it as a book, carrying the same title.
    The Rabash was his father’s student and personal assistant for more than thirty years. During that entire period, he absorbed his father’s teachings and his spirit of love for the nation and the world at large. He imbibed the recognition that we will be awarded complete redemption only by spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah throughout the nation and the world over. Years later, Rabash’s students asserted that this spirit had been his “hallmark” through his entire life, the essential message he had bequeathed to his students.

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