Kabbalah and Your Career

Kabbalah and CareerA question I received: You hold interviews with famous people who have found their place in life. They take up important positions thanks to their high level of egoism. However, you’re using their popularity to disseminate and advertise Kabbalah. I don’t understand: How can you combine Kabbalah and a person’s career? Can a person aspire to have a high position in society and study Kabbalah?

My Answer: I think that in the future, humanity will still need to work in different trades and sciences. If we do this with an intention of love, to benefit people, it will then only bring us even closer to the Creator.

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  1. very interesting

  2. “If we do this with an intention of love…” that’s quite a good answer and a  quite right one! It is all depends on our intention! Whatever we do! If one is a student of Kabbalah he would know that very clearly! Kabbalah.info has appeared to the World when the World is what just needed and what we needed in our lives. We are very thankful for Rav Michael Laitman for revealing the Wisdom of genuine Kabbalah!

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