Pointing the Finger at Al Gore (Instead of Pointing It at Ourselves)

Pointing the Finger at Al Gore (Instead of Pointing It at Ourselves)News Story: Gorging Gore “addicted” to steak

“According to the animal rights organization PETA, Al Gore’s love for steak and sausage is creating greenhouse gas emissions.

A gorging Gore, complete with potbelly and chicken drumstick is the latest PETA PR stint.
The take-no-prisoners animal rights organization has launched a campaign called www.offsetalgore.com.

’Since Gore’s addiction to meat is apparently stronger than his desire to secure a better future for our planet, we’re asking those who recognize that actions speak louder than words to help offset Gore’s greenhouse-gas emissions by pledging to go vegetarian for 30 days,’ PETA says on its offsetalgore.com campaign.

Just in time for Earth Day, Gore will see himself plastered on posters across the Internet, an embarrassing fate for a guy who claims to be saving the world from Global Warming/Climate Change.”

My Response: Until people come to realize that people themselves (their egoism) are the real reasons behind all the crises, they’ll seek out every other possible reason, overlooking themselves.


  1. Rav..you’re such a renegade! And that’s but one of the reasons why we love you!! 😀

  2. I echo Helen’s words.  We love you dear Rav and we are working hard to connect with your pleas for unity.  Truly, we are all responsible and must look within and truly realize our disharmony with the environment.  We must ask:  Why have we set such a fast pace?  Why must we live a processed life?

    Truly, our desires have inflated to such a critical point, but you’ve instructed us, that this critical point is for the purpose of realization and correction.
    We must not rest now.  The whole planet cries out.  Let our pleas for correction be heard.  I cannot find adequate words for this great need.  The situations all over the world are so disagreeable from the level of families on up to high levels of government.  We know it and can feel it.  This is the time that calls for a drastic action and we at Bnei Baruch are calling out for souls to hear the call.
    May our perfect prayer be heard.  May our desire descend upon this blog like a blazing flame and within the connections between us, may we truly be led to lead the world out of exile.
    You are the souls to do this.  Don’t stop for a moment.

  3. Very interesting

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