Memory Loss

235Question: Why does a person who studies Kabbalah have states in which his memory and what he has achieved is erased?

Answer: It is necessary in order for us to begin to feel new states that are better and higher. After all, an integral, analog, continuous system works according to the principle of a clock: input-output, input-output—always in pulses. Therefore erasing the previous one is necessary for renewal at the next level.

Question: It is so strong that a person does not have any sensations, any memories left. How can one avoid the situation so he is not completely thrown out?

Answer: If a person does no harm, even if he is neutral and participates in something, attaches himself from the side, then this is already enough so that he does not go somewhere on his own flight.

Question: Then what does his participation mean? He is on the verge, as if he dangles on a string and can be dropped at any moment.

Answer: Everyone has their own way. Some people immediately accept all the conditions and decide at once without any hesitations: “This is me, this is mine, I do not agree to anything less; I delve into this completely, and I do not want to think about anything else.”

And there are those who doubt all the time and do not know for sure: yes, no, and so on. We do not limit anyone; we do not tell anyone what to do. A person is free in this, and everything depends on him.

Many people go through all sorts of long-term doubts. They sway, they come and go, or they hear something completely different from what they should until suddenly it clicks somewhere inside. A person begins to understand: “It turns out that this is about connection. It is exactly in the connection between people where I will find the hatch to pass from this world into the next world.”

Time passes until this picture is revealed in him, this clear feeling that it is exactly where all our sensations connect together that there is a passage to the next dimension. There is a curvature of space, and the exit to the next level of existence is only in common unity, to which humanity is now being driven by a general crisis.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Memory Loss” 2/28/14

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