Each Degree from Zero

528.02Question: When musicians learn to play a composition together, they understand why they are doing it. But at first there is a kind of overcoming between them in order to find contact with each other. Through making great efforts, they begin to work together, and only then is an amazing piece born in which the contribution of each person is felt.

Then, as if a switch takes place and they again need to make efforts to act together. There is no pleasure, even if they have experienced a sense of a special unity between them.

Why is it that if, say, they need to record three compositions, and they know that everything will turn out fine, it becomes more and more difficult for them to do every step?

Answer: It is because they want to achieve greater skills. They begin to see new flaws even in their past excellent performance, as they enter deeper and deeper into the understanding of the work and start seeing some small inconsistencies.

This is a process of professional growth. The Kabbalists have the same thing when we begin to unite with each other.

Comment: People who are inside our system know how difficult every next action that will lead to a certain result is. However, these actions must be performed anew, gather together, and unite common efforts. The problem is precisely in the connection of one person with the other person. Then you overcome this bar and see that it has some special energy.

My Response: It is all the same, both in the spiritual and in our world, the processes of spiritual growth.

Question: Why is it in Kabbalah that this is felt especially strongly?

Answer: Because every next degree is completely new. The musicians add something, they get something new, it goes in, goes out, and comes back again. Their creative process takes place at the same level.

Kabbalists, however, have a new level every time. That is, all ten Sefirot are completely new; it is a new degree and you start all over again, completely. You get some kind of experience, but you still have to start over.

Question: Why doesn’t the previous experience remain that a person could rely on?

Answer: Because this is a new degree. The previous experience can only hurt you.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Kabbalah and Art” 6/10/14

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