Resurrection From The Dead

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of humanity exists in a system that resembles our body, which is comprised of interconnected parts. This connection already exists. The problem is that it doesn’t operate correctly.

After the breaking of desires, each fragment began to operate for the sake of self. The connection between them remained, only it became opposite to what it should be because each one only wished to receive for itself.

This is how the system developed after the breaking, becoming worse and worse. Because the desire to receive started to reveal itself with greater force and people thought that even though their connections were egoistic, it still helped them to develop. Today’s economists still believe that competition is good because it leads humanity to prosperity and success.

But it only appears to be good on the surface because a person feels comfortable in his egoism. However, in essence, all of our development is designed only for the sake of revealing the evil contained within our egoism, and we will reveal this at the end of our egoistic development.

Throughout the course of history, the egoistic connection between people (or broken souls) has been growing constantly. Among them, there are certain souls, which reveal themselves here and there, who do not wish to exist in accordance with the laws of receiving and competition, but who wish to exist in mutual bestowal and to help one another. These people are revealing the method of a new, altruistic connection that allows them to elevate above their egoism to a state of bestowal.

By correcting themselves, these people become a positive part of the general system. These are the Kabbalists, special people that have revealed the force of bestowal, and thanks to them, it flows into the general body or the general soul like fresh blood. This flow will cause the general soul to come alive and awaken.

This entire mechanism is beginning to awaken from the dead. After all, it was completely destroyed, and now there are parts of it that are starting to heal by connecting between each other. These parts are becoming more active within the system and strengthening their connection to each other, thereby awakening the entire system and injecting it with the force of bestowal through the natural connections that exist between all its parts: the broken parts, the corrected parts, and those in the process of correction.

As a result, all parts of the system are receiving a small energy boost and inspiration from the parts that are correcting themselves. For this reason the righteous are called the foundation of the world.

Even if we don’t disseminate widely, our work and efforts in uniting still will affect the parts of the system that aren’t able to discover the method of correction for themselves. After all, we exist in a single field, a single organism, but, in order to accelerate the process of development, we have to include external dissemination.

Baal HaSulam wrote about the necessity of revealing the science of Kabbalah in his article, “Time to Act,” as well as in his newspaper, The Nation. This helped to awaken people, which corresponds with our incredibly accelerated times.

This gives each part of the system the opportunity to awaken and to see that our crisis state is not accidental and that we aren’t doomed for suffering passively our entire lives. The crisis is a sign that we must accept the method of correction as soon as possible.

The Light, the power of correction, fulfillment and bestowal, enters the general system only through its corrected parts. The corrected parts of the system are called Israel (straight to the Creator), and their numbers are growing because more new parts are awakening to the correction.

They are called the inner part of the general soul. The rest of the parts that aren’t yet correcting themselves are called the external part or the nations of the world. Ultimately, everyone will unite and reach full correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/12, Shamati #69

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