Skipping Over The Breakage

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we need to perceive Talmud Eser Sefirot, reading about some phenomenon, concepts, names of Partzufim of worlds?

Answer: Talmud Eser Sefirot describes the system that takes care and manages us from the world of Ein Sof. In the world of Ein Sof is the whole plan of creation from beginning to the end, and the system of the worlds divides it into stages, to the following order of actions through which we grow.

Question: How does it acts on us, how it cleans us so we will be more connected to the group?

Answer: The upper system works on us on the condition that you agree that it works on you in order to bring you to unity with the Creator, meaning you choose the path of Torah, the path of Light, or the path of suffering, one of the two.

But in this system there are not two paths; there is only a sequence of forces that act in an accurate, determined form from the beginning of correction until the end of correction. It all depends on how you receive the influence of these Lights that come to you through all the Partzufim.

The system of the worlds bestows on the creatures in a clear organized manner. But the creatures can receive this bestowal in a correct form and progress in a nice and quick way, and by that bring contentment to the Creator, and if not, they find themselves in the path of suffering. The system always displays orders that are obliged to come from within it.

Question: What does it mean to receive this bestowal in a correct form?

Answer: In a correct form, is for connection. After all we need to connect our general vessel that will skip over the breakage and will take all this breakage inside. At first there was only one desire; later the Light came and divided it to two, by entering between us. Now, between our desires there is Light or the Creator, but with a minus, in a negative form

Skipping Over The Breakage
There is one creature, and there is another creature, and between them the Creator in a negative form, meaning Pharaoh, Light with the sign minus. And we need to reverse it to plus, all the while recognizing and determining in each action that is revealed that there is none else besides Him and He is the good that does good.

Between you and me a big “minus” is revealed and we reverse it to ”plus,” reverse the darkness to light. Finally, between us, in this whole system, the Light becomes revealed. And this means that we clothe in the Creator, that we are in adhesion with Him.

The main thing is not to forget, that all the evil is simply the Creator that is revealed in an inverted form. By the breakage, the Light entered inside the vessel, and if now we will reverse it from evil to good, then we will reach the adhesion of the Light and vessel, about this it is said: “He and His name are one.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/14, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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