Formation Of The Human Image

Dr. Michael LaitmanA human being is created by two forces, the force of giving and the force of receiving, which are combined. This interaction and interdependence between them and their combination provide us with images of the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and man, as well as their external and internal attributes.

The stronger the egoistic forces are and the higher their frequency, the more information they include and the greater their ability to act mutually. Accordingly, many new phenomena occur. We see how the world that developed cybernetic systems and computer systems can fully transcend to a virtual reality.

Soon we will be able to synthesize any product we want from elementary building blocks, from atoms. If we wish only to do this correctly, we will not even have to extract them from nature.

We will have the ability to reach these levels of technology where the mere combination of plus and minus, of an electron and a proton, of the positive and negative particles, will enable us to create anything we want. But the question is how we will format our thoughts in that way. Everything other than our thoughts, other than the human being in us, will be in our control.

There is nothing in nature but these two forces—the negative and the positive—and all the micro elements are a result of these forces. Everything is based on the right combinations between them: one force supports the other and exposes it in mutual bestowal. This is how a person’s body, appearance, and attributes are made..

There is a part in TES  (The Study of the Ten Sefirot) called “The 13 Corrections of Dikna (beard).” This hair isn’t just another layer since in animals in can appear in different forms like fish scales, shells, feathers, etc.

On the whole, there are external forces that stem from our body and take on the form of hair or open surfaces that are not covered by hair, especially on a person’s face.

This depends on the exit of the Light of Hochma, the Light of knowledge, of revelation, and also on the exit of the Light of Hassadim, the Light of correction and even concealment. The mutual combination between them, the revelation and the concealment, is what forms our face and defines the area where the hair grows on it.

Why does hair grow on a man’s face and not on a woman’s face? Why does a man’s hair have different forms on the head, sideburns, a mustache, a split mustache, the lower part of the beard, the upper part of the beard, etc?

All these attributes result from the interaction between the two forces, which is very important since the head, our microprocessor, is where all problems are solved. Therefore, we are told in TES about these two forces and about the interaction between them. The problems that are described in the Torah with regard to hair and the problems of hair loss, why women have to cover their hair, and why men are allowed to cut the hair on their head but not their beard, mean that all these habits are accurately based.

Question: Why do only men have a beard and a mustache and not women?

Answer: It is because a man performs corrections. The word “hair” – “Se’arot” stems from the Hebrew word “stormy” – “Sauer,” which means excited and ready to act. This attribute is expressed in men by moving forward by revelations, studying, and attainment. Women are more static.

Therefore, both men and women have hair on their head and only men have hair that flows downward. What is more, the upper part of the beard spreads to the chest and the lower part all the way to the waist.

The custom of not cutting one’s beard exists in all the religions because it is taken from the Old Testament.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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  1. It is known that in keeping with the custom of Jews living in Renaissance Italy the Ramchal did not wear a beard and yet the majority of kabbalists, indeed most traditional Jewish men, always have done so. Is keeping a beard anything more than conformity?

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