A Person’s Clothes Are His Inner Expression

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus,” 28:2: You shall make holy garments for your brother Aaron, for honor and glory.

Clothing (Levush) symbolizes the correction that has to be made on a person’s desires. If I have egoistic desires, distinct desires that are strong or even the weakest desires, we have to clothe them all, which means to clothe them with the intention for the sake of others, for the Creator.

The clearer, more aggressive, and more serious a desire is, the greater corrections it should undergo, which means “garments of splendor.” Thus the uncorrected correction, Aaron, is the worst.

It says: “When Israel falls, it falls lower than any nation in the world, and when they ascend, they ascend all the way to Heaven.” The reason is that it is possible with a giant egoistic desire in its revised form to do anything all the way to the Creator’s level. Then everyone will be impressed by their splendor because it’s impossible to compare the correction any ordinary nation has to make, with the ordinary desires people have.

Thus Moses and then the sons of Aaron and then the other priests are the clearest, most disgusting egoistic desires there may be if they are not corrected. So we see humanity’s attitude towards the Jews, and in the corrected states it will be the opposite. So the nations of the world are waiting for the Jews to acquire clothing, to ascend and to start working in order to bestow with all our special attributes.

Thus the “clothing of Aaron” is no simple concept. What actually distinguishes people in our world? It’s their clothes. It can be clothes, a house, whatever surrounds a person, whatever indicates his level, his state, has ascent above others, or his descent. This means that it’s an expression of status, of a person’s state.

Question: It appears that modern fashion has very powerful roots?

Answer: Of course, it stems from the same nature. The ego uses this means for its ascent.

In the spiritual world, clothes emphasize a person’s inner ascent above the world; the level of one’s bestowal, love and self annulment. To the extent that you annul yourself, you also ascend. In our world however it’s the opposite, it’s to the extent that you decorate yourself in front of the mirror like a monkey.

This will continue until we understand that clothes are a person’s inner expression. The fact that we wear fashionable clothes is not a correction but the opposite, a distortion.

After the sin of the tree of knowledge, the Creator told Adam that he needs to put on clothes, which means that he has to correct his ego so that it will help him overcome himself and reach love and bestowal. The Torah says that the Creator sewed these clothes for them, which means that he gave them the Upper Light by which the Returning Light, which means the intention of in order to bestow, was dressed in the ego.
From Kab TV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/19/13

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