Ten Degrees—Ten Emanations

548.03Question: In the laws of our world, the number “10” manifests itself in a variety of areas. For example, in physics, it is a 10-dimensional structure of our space in superstring theory. In mathematics, it is the decimal system of calculus.  In biology, a flock of more than ten animals is considered very strong, and tough. In anatomy, if we consider the human body, it has ten fingers, toes, etc.

Is there any connection with a spiritual number “10” with spiritual forces?

Answer: Yes. All these phenomena come from a spiritual root. The upper force goes through ten degrees until it creates a lower force that can be reflected back in it.

The connection from the top-down, from the Creator to the creation, and from the bottom up, from the creation to the Creator, can only be through ten degrees, Sefirot, emanations.

The upper force has built our material world through ten degrees, ten phases.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/10/22

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