Algorithm: Past, Present, Future

537Question: Is the sensation of the past, present, and future also a form of perception? When I perceive some of the forces that currently act upon me, do I inside of myself attach them to the past, present, or future? Why are these categories necessary?

Answer: They are for the purpose that I would try to come closer to the state when all these categories merge into one common whole. After all, it is all happening within me. If I always try to tune myself to the correct perception of reality, it is as though I move from the present to the future, while the past is crawling to the present. It turns out that I constantly live in the plane on which I fixate what is occurring at a given moment like in a photograph.

Question: What should a person base himself on every moment of time? What algorithm should be here: past, present, future?

Answer: The algorithm is very simple. At each moment of time I want to reveal a new layer of nature in the new desire that appears within me and to be unified with the world in this perception.

Question: Does it mean I want to reveal the future when I base myself on the present and in some way using the past?

Answer: It is possible to say it this way as well, the only thing we should avoid is confusion.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/29/22

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