Catch Your Luck

552.02Question: In principle, nature and the Creator are one and the same thing. Nature constantly generates all of mankind and develops people. At a certain time, does each person have some opportunity to develop spiritually, to reveal the Creator?

Answer: Yes, in principle, everyone has such an opportunity. Yet very few people catch it and notice it. But in every person’s life there is at least one second, if I may say, when he is suddenly stabbed in the heart and reminded that there is spiritual development: “What’s with you and it?”

Question: And this can be called luck?

Answer: No, it is not luck yet. This is an invitation to attain real luck. But no more than that.

Question: Is the very revelation of the Creator to man, His attainment—luck?

Answer: It is a great fortune.

Question: And it should happen to everyone?

Answer: Yes. If not in this life, maybe next time.

Try to catch your fortune every moment. I wish you all good luck!
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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