How Kabbalah Regards Luck

276.02Question: Most people believe that luck is something random that happens for some unknown reason. About seven percent regard luck as something beyond our own control. Do you think luck depends on the person?

Answer: Yes, luck depends on the person as far as it is in his power. After all, we can project luck for the future, and think in such a way that it accompanies us.

Question: Some psychologists say that in order to be successful, you must follow four principles: be able to notice potential opportunities around you, listen to your own intuition, tune in to positivity, and be philosophical about life’s difficulties. What is luck for you?

Answer: For me, luck is the same as for everyone: to achieve in life the goals that I outline.

Question: Are there any special principles in Kabbalah that can help any person become the holder of luck?

Answer: Yes. The fact is that we are in the field of the force called the Creator. According to Kabbalah, we can influence this field to be a positive, promising area so that it captivates us and matches our goals. Therefore, Kabbalah regards luck as the fulfillment of correctly set conditions.

These include my desire to get closer to other people, to get closer to the Creator through them and to reach the state where I personally need nothing else besides this getting closer and good thoughts about others and through them to the Creator. If I am in this state, then I lack nothing. And so I hold on, live, and develop.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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