In Simple Language, What Is Unity?

289Question: Igor writes: “Could you explain to me in simple language what unity is?—the one that you call for all the time, the type that you talk about in every clip, article, broadcast everywhere. Just do not use phrases like “good connections” because we already see that this is from the realm of fiction. Unity as a goal—what is it?”

Answer: In order to reveal the Creator, to feel the Creator, to grasp Him, we need to grasp each other. To the extent that we will see the Creator in everyone. No matter how impossible it may seem to us, how fantastic, and generally repulsive, we need to make sure that every person in the world begins to appear to me as a manifestation of the Creator.

I have to reach a state where I love everyone, I want to be in connection, merge, and unite with everyone. Then I will feel the Creator in this attitude toward them, not in them, but in myself.

Question: That is why you keep saying: “Good connections, search for love.” Is it really searching for the Creator all the time?

Answer: The Creator lives in man. Do you want to reveal the Creator? You have to love someone else, and then you will feel how the Creator awakens in you.

Question: The formula sounds very simple, but it is so complex. It is amazing, of course. But there is no getting away from it?

Answer: There is no need to get away from anything. It is absolute, it is true, it is short, simple in implementation, only difficult.

Question: Are you aware that it is difficult?

Answer: It is impossible.

Question: Then when does it become possible?

Answer: In order for the Creator to help. That is all it takes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/12/22

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